Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mexico Expands ``Emision Zero'' Program with Biofriendly's Green Plus(R) Fuel Catalyst

Biofriendly Corporation announced today that Zapopan and Manzanillo have joined the pollution-fighting "Emision Zero" program through the use of Biofriendly's liquid fuel combustion catalyst Green Plus(R).

The city of Zapopan (population 1.5 million) in the State of Jalisco and the city of Manzanillo (population 200,000) in the State of Colima passed official resolutions requiring the use of Green Plus in their city gasoline and diesel vehicles. The two municipalities join the city of Guzman in Jalisco in embracing the Emision Zero program, which calls for significantly reduced vehicle emissions.

The State of Jalisco in conjunction with the Congress, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Transportation and the Director of the State's mandatory emissions control program conducted official testing and determined that Green Plus lowered opacity (exhaust smoke) over 50% on more than 85% of the test vehicles. The City Council and Mayor of Zapopan, Jalisco's second largest city, passed the resolution after reviewing these and other test results.

Congressman (Diputado) Luis Alejandro Rodriguez, President of the State of Jalisco Congressional Environmental Commission, said, "We have a responsibility to the citizens of Mexico to improve the quality of life and to reduce harmful pollution. We believe these actions demonstrate that commitment."

"We have been working with Mexican authorities and our distributor, Correct Action Mexico, for a long time to introduce the advantages of Green Plus to Mexico. Demonstrating both emissions reductions and fuel economy improvements makes Green Plus attractive because it more than pays for itself while reducing pollution," said Jim D'Arezzo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Biofriendly Corporation.

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